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House of Cards, when originally conceived, was intended to signify the tentative nature of artists' housing in Fort Point. With the loss of so many buildings, and neighbors scrambling to find new places to live and work, it seemed like the community could collapse at any minute. Many of the Fort Point buildings owned by Archon are now vacant and dark. Buildings on Summer Street and Melcher Street which were once home to dozens of artist are now empty. The streets are less safe with no one living or working in these buildings to keep an eye on things.

In the months since the original idea, the project has taken on a much broader meaning relative to today's overall economic crisis. And while the decimation of neighborhood is still an important concern, our attention is focused on other, larger issues.

As with most of my work, the is no actual prescribed meaning. What it means to me, the artist, is not necessarily important to the viewer. As with the "bubble people" in Walking on Water, each viewer will imbue the piece with their own personal ideas and interpretations. The piece should be surprising, unexpected in its environment, and make you think - or at least smile. For me, that is what public art should do.

Special thanks to:
Daniel J. van Ackere
Steve Hollinger
Andrew Neumann
Brian Bresnahan
Don Eyles
Tim Murdoch
Peter Davidoff, Bosport Docking/Constitution Marina
Gabrielle Schaffner, FPAC
Elkus Manfredi Architects