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House of Cards
Constellation Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Athenaeum Street and Kendall Street in Kendall Square.
June - December, 2010

ConstellationCenter’s temporary public art installation, ConstellationCenter: Ground Level Art, is located on our future site at Kendall and Athenaeum Streets in Cambridge.

A jury of eminent public art experts selected the following six works by New England artists for display:

* Anne Alexander: Sprouting Growth
* Lisa Greenfield: House of Cards
* Ann Jon: Arch III
* Andy Moerlein: Finding Fault
* Obie Simonis: Heaven & Earth
* SIPLA + NEWSAM: Rachel Newsam and Vaclav Sipla: Sine

The installation officially opens on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 and will remain on the site for approximately six months. Following this, we are planning to continue the installation with other selected or commissioned works, or with architectural elements designed for the Center.

Supplemental information about the temporary public art installation, including site details and an explanation of the artwork selection process, is available at the Constellation Center website.

Photos and a video of the installation in progress are available here.