About the paintings: These recent paintings use oil paint and cold wax medium. Colors are mixed and then combined with the cold wax to create a thick medium that is applied to the surface by palette knife. There are multiple layers being manipulated, scratched, covered, masked and revealed. There is a push-pull between foreground and background. Angles and lines are protruding and receding, sometimes indistinguishably blurred. This recent work has been influenced by the light and shadows playing out on paper, as seen in the paper airplanes and origami constantly being constructed by the artist’s 7 year old son.

Lisa M Greenfield

Flight Pattern, 30' x 40", oil and cold wax on canvas, 2019 (sold)

Starry Night: sunset to sunrise

"...I had to travel down A Street and under Summer Street where I was able to finally view Starry Night by Lisa Greenfield and Daniel van Ackere. I’ve looked at Starry Night listed on the Boston Art Commission’s website constantly wondering, “Where the hell is that?” Sweet, sweet Serendipity intervened on Saturday and led me right to the installation that is scheduled to brighten the underpass for the next eight years. Starry Night is a net of twinkling LED lights that are connected to a programmable interface. I’ve often seen Starry Night photographed in all blue but on Saturday I saw a dancing rainbow of colors. “Oh, what a beautiful underpass!”, said no one ever, that is, until Starry Night was installed. Starry Night takes a dark and overlooked space and turns it into something beautiful and even adds an element of safety to it."
- Anna Dunbar, Unlimited Edition Arts, May 2015

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Boston's Best Contemporary Artists and Where to See Their Work
- Ashley Kane, theculturetrip.com, 13 February 2017

Starry Night
a fully programmable LED light installation by
Lisa Greenfield and Daniel J. van Ackere
A Street under the Summer Street Bridge
Dec 2013 - June 2024

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