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“Coil/Recoil” (October 8 - Nov 1, 2009) represented the resiliency of the neighborhood and it’s ability to bounce back. The larger metaphor of the piece is the resiliency of the economy and the country.”

Ms. Greenfield has been creating public art for more than a decade. Last year her prescient installation “House of Cards”, in the Fort Point Channel, commented on the fragility and ensuing collapse of the housing market.

This year, her installation took a more positive spin with colorful springs cascading over the side of the Summer Street overpass down toward A Street. Lisa’s goal this year was to create a fun piece that can be taken at face value - something to brighten the neighborhood and bring a little levity to the public arena - but also with a subtext of resilience and recovery.

The piece was funded with a grant from the Fort Point Arts Community ( as part of their Fall Open Studios Public Art Series in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Fort Point Open Studios which
took place October 16-18, 2009.